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As science continues to broaden understanding of the links connecting  the gut and brain  - and the pair’s influence on overall health – technology is playing a bigger role in microbiome testing and  even smartphone apps geared to help personalize supplements  and individual benefits. “People interested in brain, immune and gut function understand the need for a healthy microbiome, which includes adding helpful probiotics, minimizing sugar and foods/drinks that metabolize into sugar,  and consuming necessary nutrition in the form of good whole foods and/or supplements when necessary,”  suggested Pamela Wirth,  founder of Hello Health, the brand behind doctor-formulated  Belly Great and Mighty Might supplements, formulated to support children’s  immune, brain and gut health. 

Hello Health Logo Hello Health recently conducted a Study with 59 participants and here are the results so far:

of 59 people (ages 4-87)...

Something that we’ve known for over a decade: There’s more pollen in the air than ever before. In 2006, NPR interviewed horticulturist Tom Ogren, inventor of the Ogren Plant Allergy Scale (OPALS), who explained that we’re planting more male plants than female ones, because male plants don’t produce fruit or seed pods, which create a mess that cities don’t want to deal with—but the unintended consequences are massive. 
  • New York, New York
Good afternoon you are watching the every choice counts podcast and I'm your host Dara Berger and for those of you who haven't tuned in before I am the author of the book how to prevent autism documentary filmmaker and health coach who specializes in helping families prevent autism. I'm the mother of two children, one of whom has autism and I am so excited about today's show. Our guest Pamela Wirth is a mother and author of the book hello health, which is the story of a mother's
perseverance addressing her son's rare and difficult to diagnose autoimmune disorder.
  • Thousand Oaks, CA
According to the CDC approximately 4.5 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with a behavior problem. Another 4.4 million have been diagnosed with anxiety and 6.1 million with ADHD.  A troubling number of these children may have underlying health concerns that go unnoticed are being prescribed medication for the symptoms. One government report demonstrated that 75% of children with ADHD were on medication. What if part or all of the answer to resolving a child’s behavior problems relied not upon treating the symptoms, but instead upon balancing their gut microbiome? As strange as it might sound, studies have shown that an imbalanced gut microbiome play a role in conditions such as autism, asthma and allergies, diabetes, and more.
  • Boca Raton, FL
Children tend to do as we do rather than do as we say and so it bodes well for them if you build solid foundations for your wellness. Things, in general, tend to have a domino effect, and this applies to the good stuff as well as the bad!