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Hello Health® Advisory Board

Hello Health® is guided by a dynamic advisory board composed of select leaders and experts with interest and experience in health and wellness. The Advisory Board advises the hellohealth® leadership on essential program strategies, including new opportunities for advancing the vision and mission of the company.

Melanie Alarcio, MD

Melanie Alarcio, MD is a pediatric neurologist at AZ NeuroRecovery Treatment Innovation Center (ANTIC). She provides comprehensive care for patients, especially children, suffering from neurologic disorders, such as, seizures, neuromuscular disorders, sleep problems, headaches, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, learning disabilities, concussions, and many other neurologic conditions. She has special interest in concussion and the emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology and autoimmune encephalopathies like PANDAS, limbic, Hashimoto's and NMDA-receptor antibody encephalopathy. She received her medical degree from University of the East College of Medicine and completed a pediatric residency in the Philippines, becoming a Fellow of the Philippine Pediatric Society and an International Fellow of the American Board of Pediatrics. She then finished a second pediatric residency at King Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles and went on to complete her child neurology fellowship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
She is an active member of the Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences and Rehabilitation, International Child Neurology Association. Child Neurology Society, and the American Academy of Neurology. She is, in fact, a member of the Behavioral Neurology Section of the AAN. She is a Fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, and in November 2018, was hand-selected to be a board member of the Interdisciplinary Board of Functional Neurology. She currently practices in Mesa AZ at the AZ Neurorecovery Treatment Innovation Center.

Robert E. Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP, Chef

Medical Doctor in Internal, Integrative, Functional and Holistic Medicine, and Chef


Dr. Graham is a Harvard-trained physician, board certified in both Internal and Integrative Medicine, trained in Holistic and Functional Medicine, a public health scientist, TED speaker, food activist and Chef. In 2016, he co-foundedFRESH Medicine with his partner and wife Julie.FRESH Medicine is an integrative health and wellness center located in NYC. FRESH is an acronym for the five ingredients in their recipe to health: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness.


Dr. Graham received a Master’s of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health while completing three additional fellowships in General Internal Medicine and Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies at Harvard Medical School as well as Medical Education at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He also completed course-work in Mind/Body Medicine, Positive Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine, Culinary Medicine, Botanical and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2018, Dr. Graham became one of less than twenty doctor/chef’s worldwide, as he obtained his culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute.


Dr. Graham is a "food fighter" and a leader in the field of Integrative/Functional and Holistic Medicine has prescribed “food as medicine” for over 15 years, has taught over 500 healthcare workers, mostly doctors, how to cook whole food, plant-based meals, and created the first edible rooftop garden on a hospital in NYC. He served as Chief Wellness Officer for a large healthcare system and provided strategic oversight, direction and leadership across all activities related to the health and wellness, health promotion and disease prevention.


Dr. Graham was "sick" of the current medical model of a "pill for an ill." Dr. Graham created and prescribes the "FRESH 5" for health and healing and has witnessed many patients get off their medications and live happier, more fulfilling lives. He is an expert in gut health (SIBO, IBS, GERD, candida and leaky gut), chronic disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity) prevention and reversal and autoimmune management. He believes in food as medicine, is trained in herbs and dietary supplements and when needed prescribes medications.


When not seeing patients, Dr. Graham trades his white lab coat for chef’s whites with the goal of expanding his toolkit both for use as a healthcare provider and as an advocate for a new model of integrative, “food-first” lifestyle-focused healthcare called Culinary Medicine. He serves as advisor for food companies, including Performance Kitchen and organizations who are designing “food as medicine” programs and meals. In 2019, they launched an online self-care "university," called FRESH MED U. When not traveling the world, cooking, riding bikes, the Graham's are now working on writing their first book, The FRESH 5: Your Recipe to Health.@freshmedicine

Dr Rick Hall

Dr. Rick Hall is a registered dietitian nutritionist, clinical professor and senior director of health innovation at Arizona State University. He is the director of the Executive Fellowship in Innovation Health Leadership (EFIHL) and the Health Entrepreneur Accelerator Lab (HEALab). Rick is a nutrition writer and researcher. His work has been published in Better Homes and Gardens, the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Journal of the School Nutrition Association, and the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Beth Lambert

Author, educator and former healthcare consultant, Beth Lambert has monitored and documented the escalating rates of childhood chronic conditions for nearly a decade. Her first book, A Compromised Generation, provides a thorough analysis of the origins of this modern health crisis and documents how modifications to environmental and lifestyle factors can profoundly influence health outcomes, including full disease reversal. Beth is also the co-author of Brain Under Attack: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers of Children with PANS, PANDAS, and Autoimmune Encephalitis.

Beth is the founder and Executive Director of Epidemic Answers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reestablishing vibrant health in our children. She is also the creator of The Documenting Hope Project, a multi-year prospective research study and media project that examines the cumulative impact of environmental stressors on health and their mitigation through personalized and systems-based treatment approaches. Beth is the mother of three children and is passionate about raising awareness about the connection between daily choices, human health, and planetary health.


Belqui Ortiz

Belqui is the mother of a child on the Autism spectrum. She founded Bella Vida for Autism Mothers in 2013 offering emotional support to mothers of newly diagnosed children navigate the journey after diagnosis. In 2021, she is starting The Blue Room, chat sessions where autism mothers share their journey. Belqui with her company Belqui’s Twist is a full-time food blogger and YouTube content creator.

Al Czap

Al Czap, holder of three prior patents, has developed this new fourth patent pending delivery method. Al has been an industry leader and educator in preventive medicine since founding Thorne Research in 1984. He was the first to recognize the need for hypoallergenic ingredients and the first to devise methods of manufacture to deliver hypoallergenic products to an underserved patient population. Prior to his innovation and industry changing manufacturing techniques, patients with severely impaired immune and digestive system or patients compromised by environmental exposure had no place to turn. Al made products that were truly hypoallergenic and set the standard for treatment of all patients with nutritional medicine.

In 1996 Al began publishing the highly acclaimed, peer reviewed, indexed medical journal, Alternative Medicine Review. For 17 years, AMR was considered by preventive medical physicians to be the most authoritative reference and educational journal in its field. He continued publication of AMR for two years after his sale of Thorne to an investor group in 2010.

After experimenting unsuccessfully with semi-retirement, Al was drawn back to doing research through his new company, Czap R&D.   Al has always been frustrated by the awareness that many important patient medical issues have not been effectively solved by the healthcare ecosystem. In particular, he has spent considerable time questioning assumptions taken for granted by the academic community that often undermine effective exploration of alternatives.

In 2015 Al’s exploration of drug delivery methodologies led him to the revelation that the perceived limitations of nutrient bioavailability could be shattered with an inventive and optimized approach to nano-level delivery. His resulting technological discoveries and patent filing form the backbone of what will quickly become the leading medical company in the industry, Tesseract Medical Research, LLC.

Matthew Crowder

Matthew has more than 20 years of experience creating applications and web-based solutions for fortune 500 companies that include Delta Airlines, T-Moble, and Airlines Reporting Corporation to name just a few. Matthew's primary focus is in e-commerce, specializing in fulfillment, logistics, and marketing technologies and custom application development.

Aravind Bagade, M.D. Ayurveda

Dr. Aravind Bagade is a Functional medicine and Ayurvedic Doctor who offers an Integrated approach to diseases by combining aspects of Nutrition and dietetics, Functional medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine.


Dr. Bagade heads the department of Health and Nutrition at Doman International which is a US based Non-profit organization offering Integrated Neurorehabilitation to kids with Neurodevelopmental issues.


Dr. Bagade's areas of interest are autoimmune diseases, neurological issues, and metabolic problems.