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Free Ebook: Hello, Health - Navigating and Winning Better Cognitive and Immune Function: A Guidebook for Saving 21st Century Families Paperback

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Hello, Health
Navigating and Winning Better Cognitive and Immune Function

A Guidebook for Saving 21st Century Families

What would you do if your healthy, vibrant child changed overnight?

Where would you turn?

Who would you trust?

When Pamela Wirth’s six-year-old son began to developmentally regress, she did what any parent would do: she took him to the doctor. Unfortunately, several doctors could not adequately explain or treat his tics, anxiety, lethargy, or unusual vocalizations.

Refusing to accept that her son was forever altered, Pam went on a search for answers—and found the right people and right treatments at the right time to bring him back to health. This book is the story of how she did it, with contributions from other parents and doctors who help families, including pediatric neurologist Melanie Alarcio, M.D., immunologist Ryan Casper, M.D., and Jeremy Appleton, N.D.

You’ll learn about the things that can trigger a child’s genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease.

You’ll explore the difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine.

You’ll come away with a new understanding about the connection between our bellies, our brains, and our behaviors.

Every day brings new headlines about the ways in which our minds and bodies are one. We are learning more every year about the connection between gut health, our immune system, and our mental health. Read this book to learn more about the latest approaches to navigating and winning better health for your family.