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About Us



In today’s world, ensuring your family has the best care can often be daunting. Your friends give advice from their own experience or from a recent blog they read or an influencer to whom they turn. Unfortunately, many of these sources are not medically trained, may not have the same issues you are facing, or make comments that can misdirect your search for legitimate answers, or even worse, can be hurtful. You may have seen a variety of doctors, whose solutions felt incomplete. You may have joined groups with other parents whose children’s needs seemed similar to your child’s, but you felt that your questions were not addressed. There were times in your journey to find help that you felt scared, overwhelmed, and hopeless.

Our Advisory Board is made up of a variety of practitioners, educators, parents, carers, and those dedicated to health and wellness.

We have been there and listened to the professionals. We talked to family and friends. We researched into the late night hours. Some have worked endlessly to care for their child whose special needs required support we felt worth sharing. While being the carer, taking care of our families, keeping our work going, and we were hoping to squeeze in a bit of sleep.

Because of our experience, we knew we needed to help others by providing holistic nutritional formulations, education and support for courageous families and carers to help all kids and adults live their lives fully.

hellohealth® provides access, trusted knowledge, holistic nutrition and doctor supported formulations for kids and adults so all can live their lives fully, without fear.

We are here for you.