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Wellness notes of enCOURAGEment

Pamela Wirth wrote a book about how better nutrition, supplementation, and functional medicine helped improve the health of her family (adults and children alike), with contributions from doctors, including pediatric neurologist Melanie Alarcio, M.D., immunologist Ryan Casper, M.D., and Jeremy Appleton, N.D. Her book explains the things that can trigger genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease and mental health issues, and discusses the difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine. It explores the new understanding about the connection between our bellies, our brains, and our behaviors.

In addition to optimal cognitive health, can botanical oils really mitigate infections and regulate the immune system?

Did you know that many people count on botanical and fish oils for health benefits? For those who do not exactly know what botanical and fish oils are; fish oil is extracted from the tissue of oily fish. And botanical, another word for the plant, oils are extracted from seed, root, stem, flower, and leaves. Certain vitamins, botanical and fish oils have been researched and shown to provide optimal health benefits.