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Wellness notes of enCOURAGEment

Mental health and sleep relationships are complex. While good sleep is important for mental health maintenance, bad sleep can make mental health substantially worse. 

A good night’s sleep can help in building mental and emotional resilience. When you experience repeated poor sleep, it may cause emotional vulnerability and negative thinking.  This occurs as good sleep helps the brain process emotional information, while a poor night’s sleep can make this positive procession harmed and harder to manage, it also negatively affects mood, behaviors, energy levels, daily performance, etc., and leads to anxiety, depression, food overuse, worsening memory, poor impulse control, substance misuse, etc. 

The immune system is an essential component of the body. The main purpose is to maintain health by protecting the body from bacteria and viruses. A healthy immune system protects us from harmful pathogens, enables our bodies to fight off diseases, and creates antibodies to fight infections. When this system is not functioning optimally, the body may become susceptible to infections or even disease.